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Coffee & Hot Cocoa

Made with organic coffee beans sourced from regions such as Honduras, Columbia, Jamaica, Mexico and Peru. We grind coffee beans in-house for the freshest, most potent flavor. Our coffees are low to medium acidity. We believe you will feel the love we put into our quality coffees!

Milk and Whipped Cream are plant based: almond, coconut or oat.

Flavorings: vanilla, almaretto, chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, plus seasonal specialty flavors


Hot Cocoa – Organic chocolate with milk and whipped cream

Affogato – Espresso shot over vanilla ice cream

Americano – Espresso diluted with hot water.

Black Coffee – Coffee with no milk

Cafe au Lait – Coffee with hot milk

Espresso – concentrated coffee shot

Double Espresso – double shot

Cappuccino – Espresso plus steamed or foamed milk

Latte – Espresso with more milk than a Cappuccino

Flat White – a Cappuccino with non-foamed milk

Macchiato – Espresso with hot milk unmixed

Iced Coffee – Coffee made with milk chilled with ice

Mocha – Coffee with organic cocoa syrup

Vienna – Espresso with whipped cream (almond or coconut)

Make Your Own – Tell us what you want and we’ll make it!

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